An assisted suicide is a blessing to those whose suffering is not escapable any other way

This fact alone should be enough to guarantee its legalisation but people are cunts who defer to the worst cunts: psychiatrists.

Where there should be compassion and mercy there’s tyranny in the suicide system. The mindless plebs leave things to a heartless profession which cloaks itself as good when it has more in common with oppressive institutions of the past, not the medical profession. The evil is redoubled by the specious biomedical psychiatric model of mental ‘health’. It disguises tyranny as healthcare and in doing so it has enabled the oppression to carry on unchecked.

To a psychiatrist a suicidal person is ‘sick’. They have a brain disease which is why they want to die according to the biomedical paradigm. It’s insane and not human to want to die. It’s not rational or reasonable but instead is an uncontrollable product of a brain disease. According to psychiatry a sane person wouldn’t choose to die. It is just mental illness which is what the cretins have the plebs believe. The plebs trust their doctors after all. They are like sheep blind to the injustice, an injustice which is clear as day to someone who’s actually lost their liberty and happiness to this terrible tyranny.

But mental illness is a lie and suicide is rational. No one wants to admit it is good but I’ve not got such qualms. Suicide is free will and it is a reasonable response to unendurable life circumstances which can’t otherwise be escaped. A suicidal person is experiencing severe distress which makes death an option. It is a profoundly harmful and very personal torture which makes suicide a better option than living. These are basic concepts which the tyranny of psychiatry ignores and the consequence for the suicidal individual is just awful.

The current suicide system and prevailing culture makes life worse for suicidal people. It’s unnecessary cuntishness after the great cuntishness of modern life and humanity which drives people to choose death over life.

What’s worst is the quality of death a suicidal person can choose in this country (not like forward thinking Switzerland). Effective methods are suppressed to prevent against impetuous suicide attempts succeeding but also because of the tyranny of psychiatry which has become an all but nonexistent improvement of the criminal justice system at managing suicide.

Most suicidal people are forced to go to their deaths alone. They’re forced to choose poor methods which can fail, cause physical injury if unsuccessful or harm to others. Unregulated suicide means suicide is a Hobson’s choice rather than a free and good choice so the suicide rate is artificially lowered. The mainstay of suicide prevention has been to actively place barriers between suicidal people and the good deaths they want.

I can’t be arsed to finish this other than to insult you. You’re cunts. You’re all monsters.

Legalise assisted suicide. Stop criminalising those who would deliver the final mercy. End my wretched life the right way.