If there’s any reason for hating the Royal College of Psychiatry it’s this: life shouldn’t be this bad

I have many reasons to hate them. The main one is that they stand between me and a good death. Another is that they use force when they have no right to.

Most people haven’t felt the touch of psychiatry’s evil in their life except for one thing. Daily life would be better if the Royal College of Psychiatry had never existed. Modern society is worse because of its creation.

The mistake lies in the genesis of psychiatry and its biomedical basis. The evil stems from seeing misery and other mental phenomena as solely products of a brain malfunction. This might not seem so awful but it because it removed the blame from contemporary culture.

The falsehood allowed society to continue being harsh prejudiced against psychodiversity remained untouched. Generation by generation things got worse because of the way the psychiatric system works. It sees the sole target of treatment in individuals. Rather than see suffering and exclusion psychiatrists see diseases.

Psychiatry works by diagnosing then normalising. This is true of the mental health system as a whole. Psychologists might not agree with the biomedical model of disease but they still focus on the normalising aspect.

Without the biomedical model the Royal College of Psychiatry and other psychiatric institutions can’t exist if misery isn’t a disease. So much damage has already been done because of this system and its methods.

Most people don’t see the tragedy because they’re ignorant about the effects. Most people don’t see or think about the path not taken. They simply accept that daily life is what it is and can’t think outside the box. They’re like sheep and depend on shepherds to do the out of the box thinking for them.

For generations the shepherds have been silent and the modern life has got harsher. All because of the existence of the Royal College of Psychiatry and the biomedical model which sees misery to be caused by a brain malfunction and not a modern culture which is too harsh.

The words “life should never be this bad” are very important when it comes to suicide. It is too awful for too many. There are treatments but the golden rule is that life should never get this bad. This wisdom has escaped the mental health hegemony for generations since the inception of psychiatry. It is an essential rule but to this day it does not exist and more people kill themselves because of its absence.

If the rule had existed in my life…

There is a basic human right to choose one’s death whenever possible

Between it becoming recognised in law is an evil tyranny.

You can choose to be part of the tyranny or you can choose to do nothing. This is what I’d expect from members of an evil human race which I’ve come to loathe and despise.

You can’t choose to be part of the fight for liberty because you’re evil at your core. I hope you die slowly and painfully. I hope you beg and pray for death but it never comes. I hope you can’t escape the living hell your life becomes.

Only then will you know what you’re fighting for: something which will matter to you one day. Something you will want guaranteed for you: the final mercy.

But you won’t fight for it today. You won’t fight for me and what I want. You’ll continue living your feckless lives and leave me to suffer.

I want to die and it is my right. I want a good death. I need an assisted suicide.