The best words are either psychodiversty or mental diversity. The wrong word is mental ‘health’

I hate the politically correct movement because it cares less about truth than it does about shaping the truth. Yet today I join the dark side and weigh in on the mental health language debate.

There’s a lot of people who demand the use of the term mental health problems instead of mental illness. Mental illness is a stigmatised concept whereas the politically correct term mental health problems apparently is devoid of stigma.

Revising language to reduce prejudice is one of the aims of the PC movement. There is a campaign to change the term schizophrenia to reduce the stigma. I hate this type of thinking because it wastes time and effort on changing words to disfigure the truth. It’s more akin to propaganda than truth seeking.

For example the term Afro-Caribbean is the PC term for black people but it still is based on skin colour. African culture and Caribbean culture are different but by assuming they’re the same the use of PC language does nothing to evoke truth.

The PC movement has a lot of fans in mental health. But every PC variant of the term mental illness still calls the phenomena mental “health”. It is far from the truth. I’ve frequently used the term schizophrenic instead of saying schizophrenia and I regularly got lambasted in public forums such as Facebook. Yet it is essential to say schizophrenic because the term identifies human diversity and allows for the interpretation that it is natural. Homosexuality was a disease and was thought to be totally unnatural. It needed to be treated to force homosexuals to be heterosexual. But now it’s considered part of natural human psychodiversty the individual can take pride in being a homosexual and never need they fear that they should be normalised by treatment to make them heterosexual. The use of the term schizophrenic is an attempt to convey integrity of being rather than defer to the idea that it’s caused by an illness which has to be treated to normalise the behaviour.

The critical element is the perception of natural human diversity applied to the phenomena called mental health problems, mental illness or mental disorders. It is not possible with anything which defers to the medicalisation. Mental health, illness and disorder are all words which have medicalisation in common.

Medicalisation doesn’t allow for integrity of being. When homosexuals were considered to be mentally ill they were considered abnormal and unnatural. They weren’t recognised as part of natural psychodiversty and they had no integrity of being until cultural norms changed.

Respecting human mental diversity changes the meaning of mental health but it does this to convey the highest truth. Mental health and psychiatry simply don’t respect psychodiversty. They are institutions which enforce the opposite of diversity. They try to make people more similar.

The phrase psychodiversty or mental diversity isn’t the most elegant of terms but it’s the best I can do to convey the truth through manipulating language. The concepts are the most important thing about my preferred vocabulary. And psychodiversty has nothing to do with health though it does encompass biological psychodiversty but sees differences instead of describing brain differences as deficits which is one of the big mistakes behind psychiatry.

Equality is not the end. It’s just the end of the beginning of the human race’s journey

I find myself incapable of justifying the objective of equality the way I write positively about suicide and assisted suicide. It’s not a logical proposition for me.

It is what my better parts dream of. It is an intuitive conclusion from my heart and soul, not my mind. The Equality First series of posts on this blog are about the application of logic and mathematics to one area of equality (employment equality) but I haven’t justified the goal with the same vigour and work as my writings on the right to die.

Equality is beautiful to me but the human race is so very ugly. This is me speaking from my heart and my soul. It is intuitive given the things I’ve experienced. After all, we’re all products of what’s been done to us.

I can’t justify equality but the best of me believes it’s the right thing. As I look around the street where I’m sat I don’t see equality. I see a wide range of inequality and that’s the truth of reality rather than the dreams from my heart and soul.

We are definitely not equal and that’s the logical truth. We have never been equal and we never will be.

The drugs I miss most aren’t just the ones which made me very happy

I’ve had amazing experiences from cannabis, ecstasy and crack cocaine but they were rare and unrepeated.

It’s such a shame this chemical forms of happiness and experiences aren’t available to my now. It’s not my choice but someone else wants to deny me my happiness.

There is a tyranny in current drug policy which will be revealed in the future as a worthless tyranny enforced by stupid, worthless people who think psychiatric drugs are the only source of chemical happiness and the rest of the wide gamut of other forms of chemical happiness and experiences must be illegal.

There are so many other chemicals which enhance life. There are so many other chemicals which can bring temporary feelings of happiness for suicidal individuals like myself and others who simply want to get more from life using chemical enhancements.

But I can’t get hold of any of them and the prescribed drugs I use are all but useless and at best are mediocre.

Most of the people most of the time want equality

I think this is true but not acknowledged by the rich and powerful people.

Equality affects most people because the elite few have all the privileges whereas the masses depend on human rights laws and equality movement to give them more of what the privileged few have.

Democracy is founded on the principle of equality but democratic nations aren’t based on equality in the same way.

Am I wrong?

There’s an inalienable human right to choose how and when one dies.

Human rights frameworks are ever evolving but there’s a constant battle to keep them moving ahead. There’s a never ending war for liberty and equality.

As you’ll gather from the rest of this blog I’m a firm proponent of the right to die. I see the legalisation of assisted suicide as an essential form of mercy. It is humane to provide suicidal individuals control over their death whereas the status quo is both inhumane and tyrannical.

Human rights fight against the control which politicians want to exert over the populous and put control in the hands of individuals. People are free to determine their life decisions and life choices because these freedoms are protected by human rights.

The current suicide system fights against legitimising suicide. It also wants to keep assisted suicide illegal. Suicide is no longer a crime but imprisonment is still used albeit imprisonment in a psychiatric hospital. The suicide system has focused a lot on suicide prevention so even though suicide is decriminalised it has become more and more difficult to use good suicide methods (quick, painless, non violent, reliable). The police will intervene if they’re made aware that anyone has gotten hold of good suicide drugs or other methods of suicide which are purchased online and shipped from overseas.

There is no mercy in these blatant assaults on personal liberty. Those who would help someone to die are considered to be criminals. This bizarre criminalisation is the height of cruelty. It is typical of the absence of humanity which is typified by the objectives and practices of the modern suicide system.

The practices of the modern suicide system lack compassion as well as a basic concept of how terrible the suffering is which precipitates suicidal feelings. No greater good is served because the modern system doesn’t care a whit for preventing suicidal feelings from happening but focuses on stopping suicide attempts from succeeding. This blatant inhumanity is because it doesn’t appreciate how severe the suffering is.

The modern suicide cares nothing about prolonging or worsening the suffering. If it did I’d never need to write another word.

It is as merciless and inhumane as the people that the status quo continue on. This might sound harsh but in the history of human rights is usually a fight between a few opponents and a few proponents. The people benefit or are cursed by whomever wins but their inaction has resulted in things like the atrocities done by the Nazis or the persecution of homosexuals.

Suicidal individuals are persecuted today by a system which refuses to respect the decision to die. The system doesn’t appreciate the suffering which is severe enough to be worth dying to escape or care about worsening it. The suicide system doesn’t care about human rights and basic liberties either. It is wretched and inhumane but it is well supported by politicians and the public alike.

Suicide is a choice and it’s a major decision but the decision is made so the individual can be spared from too great a suffering. A humane response begins with respecting the individual to know what’s too awful for them to live through and it’s an example of the humanity which is wholly absent from this society and culture.

Suicide pain is by definition severe and a humane response is to prioritise the brevity of the suffering even if it is achieved by granting a suicidal individual a good death. The mercy comes from empathy. Evil proliferates because there’s no empathy.

But I am just a slave trying to change the slavers. I can’t fight the tyranny alone. You need to find the empathy in yourselves. Until then the inhumane inhumanity will just keep on going.

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