The right to a good death

It’s horribly basic as a right but is horribly ignored as a right.

A good death is how I simplify the language of suicide, especially assisted suicide, to convey the essence of the argument without recourse to detail.

The weight of truth in the legalisation of assisted suicide is its place as an essential human right.

What do psychiatrists and junkies have in common?

They both love drugs for mental health!

Be it your local crack dealer or a man in a white coat they’re selling the same things: chemical solutions to life. Your local dealer’s drugs act faster but a doctor prescribes antidepressants. They both make you happy though the latter uses (and misuses) scientific principles. They’re all chemical experiences which change conscious experience.

Illegal drugs are better but don’t tell the children. They’re freaked out enough already I expect. Doctors are drug dealers? Illegal drugs make people happy in a way nothing else does? People can find what psychotropic drug works best? Drug addiction is the same whether it’s prescribed or otherwise acquired!

Suicidal ideation brings with it a truth: the suicidal person’s life is awful

They don’t even have seem miserable. They don’t have to experience a lack of quality of life though this is common.

The unique suffering they experience is by its very nature in excess of what’s tolerable. It is fundamentally awful.

In the absence of fast and effective solutions the unlivable life continues. The individual continues to suffer profoundly. Harm upon harm.

The suicide system remains cruel and merciless: assisted suicide isn’t legal. The suicide system condones what in essence is torture. The public and politicians accept the torture is okay. Sick fucking cunts!